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Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers

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Dennis Kennedy, Esq. |  Alison C. Shields, Esq.
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Dec 07, 2013
American Bar Association - Law Practice Division
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“Many lawyers use Facebook®, the world’s most popular social networking platform, to communicate with friends and family across the globe. But lawyers are missing a major opportunity if they do not consider the business possibilities of their Facebook® accounts. With a few simple steps, lawyers can harness Facebook® to market their services, grow their practices, and expand their legal network–all by using the same methods they already use to communicate with friends and family. Facebook® in One Hour for Lawyers will show any attorney–from Facebook® novices to advanced users–how to use this powerful tool for both professional and personal purposes.

In just one hour, you will learn to:

  • Set up a Facebook® account
  • Optimize privacy and other settings
  • Create a profile and manage your timeline
  • Find, organize, and manage friends
  • Use Facebook® search and navigation
  • Participate on Facebook® with updates, comments, likes, and timelines
  • Send messages, join groups, and subscribe to feeds
  • Establish a business page
  • Monitor your Facebook® network
  • Develop a Facebook® strategy to grow your legal network


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Dennis Kennedy, Esq.'s Profile

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Dennis Kennedy was in-house counsel at Mastercard, focusing on information technology matters with an emphasis on digital payments and innovation. He is also an award-winning leader in applying technology to law practice. 


A published author of several books on legal technology, a longtime blogger ( and the featured columnist for the ABA Journal‘s Kennedy on Tech column, he is praised both for his ability to communicate complex technology and legal issues in an easy-to-understand style and for his insights into future technology trends that will impact the legal profession. 


He also co-hosts the Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network. Kennedy has been named Technolawyer of the Year, a Top 100 Global Legal Technology Leader by London’s CityTech, and is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management. 

Alison C. Shields, Esq.'s Profile

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Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.

Allison C. Shields, Esq., President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., provides marketing, social media, business development, productivity and practice management, coaching and consulting services for lawyers and law firms.


After leaving her position as Administrative Partner at one of Long Island’s premier law firms in 2005, Allison started Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. to help lawyers build better law practices. A former practicing lawyer and law firm manager, Allison understands the law firm environment and the daily pressures faced by lawyers trying to manage and build their business while practicing law and successfully serving their clients.