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Hot Topics in Copyright Law: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Code, Fair Use (Google v. Oracle), and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

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Deborah Reid, Esq.
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59 Minutes
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Copyright was created as a legal response to the invention of the printing press to protect authors and their writings. It continues to evolve in response to advances in technology.  In this webinar, you will learn how the definitions of ‘author’ and ‘writing’ have expanded to include or exclude new technologies. We will explore issues of authorship and artificial intelligence, and also the classification of computer codes as writings.  We will then review how the Supreme Court applied the copyright law doctrine of “fair use” to the digital domain in the recent case of Google v. Oracle. You will also learn about the interface between copyright law and the recent colorful rise of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Before exploring these hot copyright topics, Reid includes an introduction to copyright basics that makes this seminar accessible for all practitioners. Reid uses historic images and  her original artwork to illustrate the webinar’s topics.



Deborah Reid, Esq.'s Profile

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Deborah Reid is an accomplished artist and an AV rated attorney with over 40-years’ experience as a practicing attorney. She is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law.   She is a seasoned federal practitioner and has been admitted to the bars of California, Florida, New York and New Jersey. Deborah Reid P.A. is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Her practice is focused on empowering artists, authors and innovators. She drafts customized contracts, licensing and publishing agreements and advises clients on copyright, trademark and trade secret matters. 

Reid has combined her passions for art and law to create colorful and highly visual seminars on intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, contracts and First Amendment issues related to and illuminated by the arts. In many instances, the exhibits submitted to the courts in cases involving visual arts are shown. Other cases and issues are illustrated by Reid’s original artwork that translate legal concepts into images. Reid has presented seminars for the American Bar Association, universities, art schools and arts organizations.  

Reid is a lifelong painter and former art major.  Her work has been featured in galleries and museums.  Her current series Exhibit A(rt) features work created for her seminars to illustrate legal concepts.  It is executed in a pop art style and includes The Statute of Frauds and The Statute of Limitations.  Original paintings and prints are available for purchase.



Overall:      4.4

Total Reviews: 18


Melina M - Weston, Massachusetts

"AI, programs"

John O - Boston, Massachusetts

"register copyrights."

Debra H - Rockport, Maine

"good overview of intellectual property hot topics"

Karin G - Biddeford, Maine

"Copyright and fair use"

Talia D - Billings, Montana

"I learned some more information about the fair use doctrine that will be helpful."