Stephen B - Portland, Oregon

"There were great concepts in the presentation about the role of rules of law to remedy imbalances of power between groups in society. This is a concept I will put to use both in looking at cases and clients to accept and in presenting arguments to the court."

Jeffrey P - Hampden, Maine

"Not sure. "

Richard S - Portland, Maine

"Try to use the law to protect individuals and constitutional norms when they are threatened as they are now."

Bruce M - Farmington, New Mexico

"Listening to other points of view."

Alan S - Overland Park, Kansas

"Critically analyzing positions in light of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights before adopting a position. "

Daniel H - Atlanta, Georgia

"I really appreciate the historic approach and feel reinspired in the practice of law."

Dane F - Overland Park, Kansas

"More pro bono work"

David N - Shawnee, Kansas

"a refocus on the rights of the minority to be protected from the majority"

Steve S - Sister Bay, Wisconsin

"The spirit of William Douglass."

James M - Brunswick, Maine

"read Douglass' autobiography"