Conrad S - Boston, Massachusetts

"Take implicit bias test."

Dori C - Cumberland, Maine

"Really becoming aware of one's implicit biases can help combat them."

Frank N - Laramie, Wyoming

"implicit gender bias"

Eden S - East Machias, Maine

"I want to watch the Harrison Ford movie"

Renee G - Falmouth, Maine

"Try to identify any bias in my interactions with others."

Beth S - Hermon, Maine

"Spend time with people who are different than you."

Kevin H - Lewiston, Maine

"Need to identify nature of personal bias and tools to counteract same"

Allison F - Brewer, Maine

"To take the Harvard Bias Test"

Susan M - Portland, Maine

"being more attuned to the way female attorneys are characterized in movies."

Daniel C - Ipswich, Massachusetts

"Seek clients who do not look like me"