William J - Portland, Maine

"reporting to media is an effective tool"

Katherine P - Portland, Maine

"I am an employment lawyer so this summarized strategies I am already aware of. Thanks."

Susan T - Lincolnville, Maine

"Document a claim"

Eric S - Portland, Maine

"Speak up when witnessing or encountering any workplace sexual harassment or assault. "

Spencer H - Hudson, New York

"Call it when you see it. "

Patrick B - Eliot, Maine

"Advise everyone to report any harassment immediately."

Megan L - Westbrook, Maine

"In the event of sexual harassment/misconduct, try confronting the individual. "

James B - Hallowell, Maine

"Preparation for prevention of H & D"

Kimberly T - Lincolnville, Maine

"Reporting to disciplinary authorities -- I would not think that was all that useful in ME since I have reported other ethical issues with no real response."

Laurence M - Gray, Maine

"Be more aware of potential and/or actual occurrences of harassment occurrences and the best way to report them."