David B - Kansas City, Missouri

"Making a list of people to contact by email."

Susan R - Creve Coeur, Missouri

"I don't have to be the life of the party so to speak"

Georgina O - Lakewood, Colorado

"I think Roy gave good information about approaching other attorney's and/or professionals to network. "

Amy M - Salem, Oregon

"n/a - law professor "

Jennifer J - Parkville, Missouri

"making and building list of contacts."

Delberta S - Aurora, Colorado

"Start with creating a list."

John W - Orlando, Florida

"Creating a systematic networking plan"

Ryan W - Saint Louis, Missouri

"Probably intentionally sitting next to new people at local bar events/CLE programs. "

Michael M - Salem, Oregon

"Don't talk about controversial topics while networking."

Stephen B - St. Louis, Missouri

"some good ice breakers"