Morgan W - Charleston, South Carolina

"Don't hit clients. "

Jennifer M - Uniontown, Pennsylvania

"Always be respectful "

Richard S - Athens, Georgia

"Wow--Pay better attention to any submission to the Court to ensure there are no unintentional errors."

Art N - St. Louis, Missouri

"most of the examples seem pretty extreme and ones that lawyers should be aware of. surprised that lying to client is not an issue"

Natalie H - St. Louis, Missouri

"Honesty is critical to the court and others."

Joshua M - Kansas City, Kansas

"Follow the rules."

Linda D - Laramie, Wyoming

"Reminder of being honest in all things. "

Frank B - Atlanta, Georgia

"Pay attention to the Model Rules more frequently."

Kathleen H - Topeka, Kansas

"Bring a copy of the docket to every hearing so I can double check it before confirming to the court that I have filed something."

Hannah C - lincoln, Nebraska

"don't fake heart attacks to get extensions "