Steve S - Sister Bay, Wisconsin

"The spirit of William Douglass."

James M - Brunswick, Maine

"read Douglass' autobiography"

Shannon O - Saint Louis, Missouri


Joseph E - Weston, Florida

"Don't be afraid to go it alone on legal issues if you believe in your position."

Thomas B - Clayton, Missouri

"great presentation. Easy to apply life concepts to everyday life"

Chester H - Kimberling City, Missouri

"None as I am now retired. "

Elizabeth G - University City, Missouri

"Pertinent details of Wm. O. Douglas's life which I can use in discussions of his opinions in the college course I teach"

Deborah P - Damariscotta, Maine

"practice open-mindedness"

Marc K - Kansas City, Missouri

"continue to advocate for what I believe"

Douglas M - Medford, Oregon

"Viewing background of person as to how that might impact their legal analysis"