Sean J - Portland, Maine

"My 3rd grade teacher first taught me the concept of being concise, and being reminded of same is valuable. "

Amanda M - winthrop, Maine

"I am not a trial attorney but I learned more today than I did in a semester of crim. law."

Duane D - Boston, Massachusetts

"Background searching of expert witnesses."

Jordan P - Gorham, Maine

"lots of great information on evidence and trial strategies"

Michelle B - Swampscott, Massachusetts

"Brevity in writing; referring to rules of evidence"

Beverly V - Sebago, Maine

"Tell a good story with as few words as possible. "

Nicole C - Los Ranchos, New Mexico

"Have a theme"

Stephan B - Portland, Maine

"Many general points"

David K - Arundel, Maine

""Netflix and chilling effect"?"

Kathleen B - Kennebunkport, Maine

"Weave jury instructions into summary."