Thomas O - St. Louis, Missouri

"pause before speaking after someone else is finished as they may not be"

Aimee S - Bolivar, Missouri

"Work to set a reasonable expectation of when to expect responsive feedback."

Rudyard W - St. Louis, Missouri

"to keep better contact with my client"

Laurie W - Ardmore, Oklahoma


Christine S - Presque Isle, Maine

"creating a goal sheet listing what I want to improve with regard to communication and three ways I will work towards that goal."

Caitlin L - Broomfield, Colorado

"Making it more of a priority to sit down and talk with my husband/ partner re how to improve our communication with each other and our clients."

Jessica M - Atlanta, Georgia

"to be conscious of communications and to plan regular client communications (and learn from them how they want to receive communications)"

Liam C - Shapleigh, Maine

"The feedback loop and asking non-confrontational questions to ensure others' understanding of my points."

Stefanie D - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Asking clarifying questions to make sure that my colleague(s) and I are on the same page about what we discussed."

Deborah P - Damariscotta, Maine

"better comms through feedback"