Camille J - Richmond, Missouri

"Break big tasks down and work on harder things during your peak performance time."

James R - HERMOSA BEACH, California

"Get started!"

James B - Atlanta, Georgia

"Start a small part of the task."

Rick K - Sedalia, Missouri

"Do date not due date"

Richard A - Herndon, Virginia

"Stop trying to clear easy tasks first, before what is more important."

Lawana W - Saint Louis, Missouri

"Weekly plan"

Amber C - Portland, Maine

"Budget time for hourly billing"

Grant W - St. Louis, Missouri

"creating a more robust "to do" list on a daily basis with action items that are able to be completed. "

Tonia S - Town and County, Missouri

"Start something, even it not the most critical part to be completed. "

John T C - Columbis, Missouri

"Monthy plan w/ weekly reviews Big projects first"