Avery D - Providence, Rhode Island

"approach to building a compelling case"

Emory R - Arundel, Maine

"Brevity is key"

Ali A - Cincinnati, Ohio

"The strategy of not calling witnesses or asking questions that have a better chance of helping the other side than mine. "

John D - Berthoud, Colorado

"Keep it short and simple."

Julie B - Scarborough, Maine

"Not practicing so n/a."

Thomas H - Portland, Maine

"Thought witness testimony commentary helpful in preparing them for trial. "

Brendan O - South Portland, Maine

"Shorter is sometimes better."

Linda S - Denver, Colorado

"Don’t trust your friends. I don’t litigate anymore however this was excellent information"

Karen W - Kennebunkport, Maine

"closing argument strategies "

William L - Waterville, Maine

"Opening Statement content."