Jay G - Boston, Massachusetts

"If I see this type of behavior, I will report it."

Douglas B - Scarborouigh, Maine

"Review judicial misconduct rules"

Rebecca C - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"do not be just a bystander when you see misconduct - people need support"

John M - Scarborough, Maine

"Reinforced my responsibility to report such behavior. "

Wesley W - Topeka, Kansas

"Report abusive conduct right away"

Pete R - Portland, Maine

"Preparation for prevention of sexual misconduct among my peers and superiors."

Amy M - Concord, New Hampshire

"reporting misconduct"

Adrienne H - portland, Maine

"Think about how you will respond (to witnessing or experiencing harassment) before it happens."

PATRICK T - Portland, Maine

"Not sure of any strategy or tool so much as paying attention and being ready to act."

Nancy A - Naples, Maine

"If you see something, say something. Mentor younger, more inexperienced attorneys to say something, that certain behaviors aren't acceptable."