John T C - Columbis, Missouri

"Monthy plan w/ weekly reviews Big projects first"

Elaine P - st louis, Missouri

"be excited about work, more "when do i get to" instead of "ugh, i have to""

Beth K - Cicero, New York

"taking small steps on projects and not waiting to tackle all at once "

Jordan M - Portland, Maine

"Plan the week"

Salvatore S - Biddeford, Maine

"Documenting techniques to avoid procrastination. "

Susan F - Cheyenne, Wyoming

"To make calendar entries for each open case/matter, working backwards from the due date deadline."

Alexandra J - South Portland, Maine

""Do" date instead of "due" date."

Amy M - Hallowell, Maine

"weekly planning"

Leslie R - Cumberland, Maine

"Not focusing excessively on doing small tasks to avoid bigger tasks. "

Sara B - Pittsburg, Kansas

"make weekly to do list "