Scott T - Bloomfield Township, Michigan

"General trial argument presentation was very helpful"

Seth B - Bangor, Maine

"Use of PowerPoint in closing"

Claudine S - Burlington, Vermont

"importance of the plea"

Morgan C - Fort Worth, Texas

"Always be honest with your client of what you think is a good settlement at the time. "

Laura K - Westbrook, Maine

"The strategy of deciding which witnesses to put up in which order and why "

Everett H - Olathe, Kansas

"all of them will help"

Kurt M - Merriam, Kansas

"Emphasis on first 5 minutes of opening was great advice."

Isaac D - Shawnee, Kansas

"Closing argument outline"

Linda M - Burlington, Kansas

"Opening and closing statement recommendations"

Mary Ellen W - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"Good reminders on witness prep"