Patricia W - Kennebunk, Maine

"be aware of own bias. take test"

Lauren B - Boston, Massachusetts

"I will take the bias survey"

Jon E - South Freeport, Maine

"DOn't watch most lawyer movies, unless you want to see negative stereotypes of woman lawyers? JK. We all have Implicit biases."

Remy S - Portland, Maine

"To question yourself."

Zachary T - North Yarmouth, Maine

"Self reflection tools for identifying unknown biases. "

John K - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"be more inclusive of women in the work place"

Christopher R - Portland, Maine

"understand that we all have implicit bias"

David V - Lisbon Falls, Maine

"Take an implicit bias test."

Robin W - South Portland, Maine

"I'll take the Harvard Implicit Bias test just to see how I rate. This program confirmed what I've always believed that, no matter how we might try, we all have some implicit bias."

Geraldine S - Portland, Maine

"self awareness"