Jocelyn T - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Just be comfortable with yourself and your practice when you network."

James P D - Presque Isle, Maine

"good on fee sharing."

Michael F - Arrington, Tennessee

"Your elevator speech"

Mark S - albuquerque, New Mexico

"get out there"

Stephanie B - Franklin, Massachusetts

"Create a contact list to identify networking targets and make a plan for reaching out to them."

Patti D - Brunswick, Maine

"Using local organizations to network."

Ann D - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"Tips on how to start conversations."

Stacie N - Attleboro, Massachusetts

"I liked the idea of sitting with people you don't know, outside comfort zone, and meeting the two people on either side of you to network."

William S - Lewiston, Maine

"Confirms that the methods I currently use are appropriate."

Jay G - Boston, Massachusetts

"The importance of persistence and patience."