Deborah V - Placitas, New Mexico

"Validation. I am a female attorney, practicing since 1984, and an ALJ with a federal agency since 2008. I have experienced every situation and agree with the Fed Circuit Court Judge as to status of things. I am sad that things have improved, but still there are lingering problems. "

David Z - Bethesda, Maryland

"Active recognition of implicit bias is a first and very feasible step to take in the process of defeating bias. "

Erin V - Clovis, New Mexico

"try to determine what my personal implicit biases are"

William M - Huntsville, Alabama

"Implicit bias awareness"

Rebecca M - Hallowell, Maine

"I'm going to take an implicit bias test"

Michael H - cumeberland center, Maine

"To have heightened awareness."

Edgar C - Brunswick, Maine

"greater consciousness of implicit bias "

Margaret L - Portland, Maine

"Im taking the implicit bias questionaire"

Deborah M - HUNTSVILLE, Alabama

"Do the implicit bias survey and become aware."

Vicki G - Raymond, Maine

"Always check your "instincts" for bias (whether confirmation, implicit, etc.)"