Jennifer V - Waldoboro, Maine

"To look again at my personal bias and how it affects communication with clients. I do feel rather powerless to effect the bias of others. But, that is what this lawyer training is for! I hope that it is making a difference. "

Ben G - Bowdoin, Maine

"increase awareness."

Louise D - Garland, Maine

"Pay attention to what's not being said, and what that may mean."

Kristina S - Portland, Maine

"to examine my own implicit bias, perhaps by taking the implicit bias test mentioned"

Ben T - Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

"Changing my perspective"

Catherine L - Westbrook, Maine

"the Harvard test"

Andreea R - South Portland, Maine

"To check myself for implicit bias"

Sarah M - Lewiston, Maine

"Acknowledging my own biases"

Jeffrey R - Portland, Maine

"Additional reminders and awareness of implicit bias is always helpful."

Susan T - Lincolnville, Maine

"To take the implicit bias test"