Caitlin M - Atlanta, Georgia

"Speaking up when I see inequality in my firm."

Tiffany M - Buford, Georgia

"I loved the crashing plane story, good food for thought. "

Denise L - Saint Petersburg, Florida

"reinforced all that i have learned from a career in the computer industry and as an academic research supporting attorney. Thx! "

Craig F - Falmouth, Maine

"I've always treated women professionally, but will not give them the floor without interruption. "

Carlisle T - Cumberland, Maine

"Continue to support fellow femaly attorneys."

Julie J - Windham, Maine

"Mentoring focus implemented within my own company. "

Allison M - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"Seeking out a mentor and ensuring that I make myself available as a mentor when I have the opportunity to do so."

Molly S - Westbrook, Maine

"Better appreciation that diversity considerations are relevant to my law practice."

Amanda M - Portland, Maine

"Dont be afraid to ask for a raise!"

Edmond F - Portsmouth, New Hampshire