Melina M - Weston, Massachusetts

"awareness mindfulness to affect decision-making"

David F - Springvale, Maine

"need to recognize we all have bias"

Emily D - Peru, Maine

"Pay attention to implicit bias. Everybody has it."

Taylor K - Turner, Maine

"This wasn't offering strategies or tools, simply history."

Lucas C - Cumberland Center, Maine

"Continual evaluation of implicit bias is necessary for nearly everyone in the legal profession/ attorneys, judges, etc. "

Joyce C - Saco, Maine

"Becoming more conscious of tendency to associate with people like me"

Donna N - Springvale, Maine

"recognize bias exists"

Joseph B - Maynard, Massachusetts


John F - Watertown, Massachusetts

"Be more aware of bias."

Keith J - Biddeford, Maine

"examine my implicit bias"