Pamela S - Standish, Maine

"More diversity"

Tim M - Saco, Maine

"Examine yourself for implicit bias from time to time."

Glen G - BRUNSWICK, Maine

"I will take an implicit bias test"

DAVID B - Portland, Maine

"take harvarard implicait bias test"

Eric M - Rockland, Maine

"It was informative and I plan to take the Harvard implicit bias test right away."

Rita H - Portland, Maine

"Take an implicit bias test. Learn to spot confirmation and affinity bias."

Susan C - Springvale, Maine

"be more aware that I have bias, we all do. being aware is the first step to eliminating it within yourself and how you treat or react to others "

Roger A - Portland, Maine

"Taking Harvard implicit bias test "

George E - Brewer, Maine

"Be aware of implicit bias"

Bridget O - WAYNE, Maine

"I will take an implicit bias test!"