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Andrew Elowitt, Esq.

Andrew Elowitt, JD, MBA, PCC, brings over twenty-five year’s experience as both an executive and business lawyer to his coaching, facilitation, and organizational development clients. 


Andrew Elowitt is the Managing Director of New Actions LLC, specialists in talent, strategy and leadership development for law firms and corporate legal departments. He is a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management and an ICF Professional Certified Coach. Before becoming a coach and consultant, Andrew worked both in law firms and as General Counsel during his over twenty years as an active California lawyer. He is regarded as an expert in the use of emotional, social and conversational intelligences in leading and managing legal organizations. He is the author of the ABA’s “Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Coaching: Leadership, Mentoring & Effectiveness” and a frequent contributor to the ABA Law Practice Division’s “Law Practice” magazine.

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The Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Coaching

Andrew Elowitt, Esq.
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Feb 16, 2013
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